Navadurga | 9 Forms of Durga | Nine Goddesses of Durga Navratri

Navadurga or the 9 forms or manifestations of Durga are the nine Goddesses worshipped on nine festive nights during Durga Navratri. Though, the nine manifestations or avatars of Durga that are worshipped during Navaratri may differ from place to place, the standard or primary Navadurga Goddesses remain same for every region. Goddess Durga is a […]

Durga Navratri Festival in Ancient Times | Navadurga Puja

According to some scriptures, in ancient times, Durga Navratri festival was a special festival for the Kshatriyas. The four-month long monsoon season was a critical time to perform any type of military activity. Hence, the Kshatriyas start their activities for new conquests. Kings worship Navadurga, nine manifestations of the Mother Goddess, before 9 days of […]