Mauni Amavasya 2021 | Mauna Amavasya

Mauni Amavasya, also known as Mauna Amavasya, is observed on the No Moon day in Magha month (January – February). In 2021, Mauni Amavasya date is February 11. Magh Mela is celebrated during the Magh month and it is one of the most auspicious days to perform ritual bath at Triveni Sangam or Prayag at […]

Mauni Amavasya (Mauna Amavasya), Magh Amavasya Vrat

Mauni Amavasya or Mauna Amavasya is the auspicious day to observe Mauna Vrata or the vow of silence on Magh Amavasya or No Moon day in Magh month. In 2017, Mauni Amavasya date is January 27. Mauna is a word derived from ‘Muni, who is the tremendous human with silent spiritual excellence. Mauna vrat is […]

Pinda daan on Mauni Amavasya 2018

Pinda daan during Mauni Amavasya or Magh Amavasya (as North Indian calendars) and Pushya Amavasya (as per Hindu calendars except North Indian calendars) is considered auspicious for rituals for Pitru Tharpan and rites of Shraddha. Mauni Amavasya is also known as ‘Mini Pitru Paksha. In 2018, Mauni Amavasya date is January 16. Thousands of people […]