Famous Shani Temples | Temples dedicated to Lord Sani

Lord Shani dev

Here is the list of famous Shani temples in India. Among all, Shanishingnapur Temple in Maharashtra, Tirunallar Shani temple in Tamil Nadu, Mandapalli Shani temple in Andhra Pradesh are most popular temples dedicated to Lord Shani. It is to note that regular Saturday (Shanivaar), Shani Trayodasi, Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti are the best or […]

Religious History of Mandapalli Temple

Religious History of Mandapalli Temple, Mandapalli Temple Sthalapuranam. What is the history of Mandapalli Mandeshwaraswamy Temple, Shanishwara Swamy Devalayam at Mandapalli. Once upon a time, this locality was the holy ashram of the sage Dhadhichi Maharshi. This hermit Dhadhichi has done a supreme sacrifice of donating his valuable spinal card for the mighty and powerful […]