Edavam Month 2021 in Malayalam Calendar | Edavam Masam in Kerala

Edavam month or Edavam masam is the 10th month in traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. In 2021, Edavam month begins on May 15 and ends on June 14. The first day of Edavam month signifies the Sun’s transition into Edavam Raasi (Vrishabha Rasi or Taurus zodiac). Vrishabha Sankranti also marks the beginning of Vrushabha […]

Kumbha Masam 2022 | Kumba Month in Malayalam Calendar

Kumbha Masam or Kumba month or kumbham is the seventh month among 12 months of Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala and some Konkan regions. In 2022, Kumbha Masam begins on February 13 and ends on March 14. Kumbha Bharani Utsavam and Attukal Pongala are the major festivals in Kumbha Masam of Kerala. Kumbha Masam 2022 […]

Dynamic Malayalam Calendar 2011-2012, Kollavarsham 1187

This Dynamic Malayalam calendar 2011-2012 or Kollavarsham 1187 is provided by Pro Bharat. This Malayalam calendar gives you the detailed description of Yogam, Karanam, Rahu kaalam, Gulika, and Yamaghanda kaalam of each day in 2011 & 2012. This calendar is available in both languages – English and Malayalam. Just you need to select the calendar […]