Makara Jyothi 2018 Makara Vilakku Watch Online, Makara Jyoti Darshanam online

Makara Jyothi Darshanam is the most auspicious event during Sabarimala Ayyappa Deeksha. You can watch Makara Jyothi 2018 online for free between 6 to 7 pm on 14 January 2018. It will be visible as a Nakshatram or Star at Sabarimala hill area during Makara Sankramanam. The sacred Jyoti will be visible just for a […]

Makaravilakku at Sabarimala: Makara Vilakku & Kuruthi Puja

Makaravilakku or Makara Vilakku festival is observed on the Makara Jyoti Darshanam day near Sarabarimala Ayyappa Temple. It is a week-long festival usually starts on January 14 every year and culminates on January 20. Makara Vilakku 2016 date is 15 January 2016. This festival begins after the Makara Jyothi darsanam when Malikapurathuama comes on an […]