Pana Sankranti 2023 – April 14

14 April 2023 is Pana Sankranti (Odiya New Year, Meru Sankranti). According to the solar system the month is counted from ‘Sankranti’ to ‘Sankranti’ and in lunar system it is counted from ‘Purnima’ (Full-moon) to ‘Purnima’. Maha Visuva Sankranti is the first day of the month of ‘Baisakh’ as well as the solar year. This is also called ‘Jala […]

Mahavishuba Sankranti, 14 April 2015

14 April 2015 is Mahavishuba Sankranti, Odiya New Year day, Pana Sankranti, Meru Sankranti. Maha Vishuba Sankranti, also known as Mesha Sankranti or Mesha Sankraman, is observed during the sun’s transition into the Mesha rashi or Aries. Maha Vishuba Sankranti is the Oriya New Year day and this festival onwards Orissa religious almanac begins. On […]

Orissa New Year 2012, Mahavishuba Sankranti 2012

Orissa New Year, also popular as Mahavishuba Sankranti or Pana Sankranti, marks the transition of Sun into Mesha rashi or Aries from Meenam or Pisces. In 2012, Orissa New Year date is April 14. On this day new Oriya Panji begins with Baisakh month. A special recipe called ‘Pana’ is prepared and distributed among the […]