Linga Daana Nomu (Vratham of donating ShivaLingams)

Linga Daana Nomu is a vrat of donating Shiva Lingams. It is observed in Karthika Masam as per Telugu calendar. There is a special song dedicated to this vratham which is sung daily during Karthika Masam. And on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi in Kartik Month, the Lingams are donated to a Brahmin. Linga Daana Nomu Song […]

Sheetala Sasthi in Puri

Sheetala Sasthi is a popular festival celebrated at Puri Jagannath Temple. It falls on the sixth day of bright fortnight of Jyeshta Month (May-June). In 2013, Sheetala Sasthi date is June 15. Sheetala Sasthi is dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Mata, who is the protector of children. In Puri Temple, on Sheetala Sasthi day, the images […]