Kartika Snanam Mahima | Significance of kartik Snan

Kartik snan, also known as Kartika Snanam, is one of the main rituals in Kartik month. Starting from Kartik Sudda Padyami, Karthik Snan is performed throughout the month in various holy river banks and seas in India. A large number of devotees visit Lord Shiva and Vishnu temples and perform holy dip during Kartika masam. […]

Kartik Snan Sankalpa Mantra: Prayer, Stotra to chant during Karthika Snanam

Kartik Snan is the main ritual performed in the holy month of Kartik. All sarovars and river banks of India are filled with devotees of Lord Shiva and Vishnu to do Kartika masa punya snanam. Here is a collection of prayers chanted during Karthik ritual bath. Kartik Snan Prarthana: Nirvighnam kurumedeva Damodara namosthuthe – this […]

Pushkar Fair 2021 | Pushkar Mela 2021 during Kartik Purnima

Pushkar Fair, also called as Pushkar Mela, is a scintillating fair celebrated for ten days during Karthik Poornima, Full Moon day in the month of Kartik. But the final four days are most important during the Kartik Mela. In 2021, Pushkar Mela begins on November 11 and ends on November 19. This fair is considered […]

Kartik Snan – It’s hard to perform Kartik ritual bath in Yamuna River

Kartik Snan, holy dip during Kartik mahina, is most sacred ritual during the month performed along the river banks of Yamuna, Ganga, Brahmaputra and some other holy rivers of South and Western India. Kartik Snan and Deepadaan are widely observed throughout the month of Kartik in holy places like Kasi (Varanasi) and Allahabad. But, the […]