Randhan Chhath 2022 | Randhan Chhat in Gujarati Shravan Month

Randhan Chhath or Randhan Chhat is observed on the previous day of Sheetala Satam Vrat in Gujarati Shravan month. In 2022, Randhan Chhath date is August 17. It is not a vrat to observe but the preparation day for Sheetala Satam Vrat Puja. Randhan Chhath falls on Vad Sashti or the sixth day in Vad […]

Shitala Satam, 27 August 2013

Shitala Mata small pox Goddess

27 August 2013 is Shitala Satam in Gujarat. Shitala Satam is observed a day prior to Sri Krishna Janmashtami. It falls in Ashtami of Vad Paksh in Shravan Month according to Gujarati calendar. This vrata is dedicated to Goddess Shitala Mata. Shitala mata puja is the main ritual of the day. Devotees eat cold meal […]