Japanese devotees performed Hanuman Puja and Rudrabhisheka for rains in Rajasthan

A group of Japanese devotees recited Hanuman Chalisa and performed Rudrabhisheka for rains in Rajasthan. They said, “We have great faith in Hinduism and thus we offered our prayers to Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva for rains in this desert state Rajasthan”. They recited Hanuman Chalisa and Sundar Kand, and performed Hanuman puja at Manak […]

Pinda daan by a Japanese woman at Gaya

Hinduism and its rich culture are attracting many foreigners to observe the Pujas and rituals associated with Hinduism. Many religions don not believe in the concept of rebirth or restroring peace for departed souls. Hinduism firmly accepts the ritual of Pitru Shraddh and Pinda daan to dead ancestors. Foreigners visit Hindu temples and other tourism […]