Hatkeshwar Jayanti (Hatkeshwar Mahadev Jayanti)

Hatkeshwar Jayanti (Hatkeshwar Mahadev Jayanti) is the birthday of Lord Hatkeshwar. In 2022, Hatkeshwar Jayanti date is April 15. Hatkeshwar Mahadev Jayanti is celebrated on Chaitra Chaudasana, 14th day of Chaitra Month as per Hindu calendar. This day is dedicated to Hatkeshwar Mahadev, a form of Lord Shiva. Lord Hatkeshwar is the family deity of┬áNagar […]

4000 kg Maha laddu for Khairatabad Ganapathi

Khairatabad Ganesh Laddu 2012

Hyderabad’s Khairatabad Ganesha 2013 will have 4,000 kg maha laddu in his hand. The mammoth Ganesh idol will hold the huge laddu made by a Tapeswaram sweet-maker of East Godavari district. The sweet-maker particularly known for ‘Kaja’ is prepating the laddu with six-foot diameter as a special offering to Khairatabad Ganapathi. For reference, Sri Bhaktanjaneya’s […]