Is there any real joyfulness? Joyfulness is an illusion in this material world

People think, “I can enjoy this material world very nicely. Everyone is having such a good time. There is no reason I can’t enjoy myself as much as they.” This idea is illusion because there is no real enjoyment in the material world. We may be very good-looking, famous, well educated, wealthy and powerful, and […]

What magic we can show to God

An atheist may argue that, “Why you are thinking of God? God is no more expert than a watchmaker. This body is just like a clock. You wind it and it will go on.” but of course God is greater because He can create machines in duplicate male and female forms. Here a clock machine […]

Do not let your own thoughts stress you out

Do not let your own thoughts stress you out – Think about how often we all have conversations in the privacy of our own minds. It happens, practically nonstop, all day long, every day of our lives. We’re in the car thinking about something – a deadline, an argument, a potential conflict, a mistake, a worry, […]