Shitala Satam 2020 | Sheetala Saptami in Gujarati Calendar

Sheetala Satam, Shitala Satam or Shitala Saptami is observed in Gujarati Sravana month on the seventh day of Vad Paksh (dark fortnight). In 2020, Sheetala Satam date is August 10. In North India, Shitala Saptami is also observed on July 26. This vrata is dedicated to Goddess Shitala Mata. Shitala mata puja is the main […]

Dashama Vrat 2020 in Gujarat | Dasha Maa Vrat

Dashama Vrat (Dasha Maa Vrat) is observed in Shravan Month of Gujarati Calendar. In 2020, Dashama Vrat dates are – from 21 July to 30 July. Dasha Maa Vrat is celebrated for ten days – from first day of Shravan till tenth day. Dasha Maa is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Along with Dasha Maa, […]

Vir Pasli Festival 2020

Vir Pasli vrat (Veer Pasali festival) is observed during Shravan month in Gujarat. As the rituals are same as Raksha bandhan or Rakhi festival, it is not widely celebrated. In 2020, Veer Pasali vrat dates are – July 26, August 2, August 9 or August 16. It is observed on First or second Saturday in Shravan […]

Shravan Maas 2020 in Gujarati Calendar | Shravani Mahina in Gujarat

Shiva as Soumya Anugrahamurthi

Shravan maas (Sawan month or Shravani mahina) is 10th month in traditional Gujarati panchang followed in Gujarat. In 2020, Shravan maas begins on begins on July 21 and ends on August 19. Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi in Gujarati calendar. Sud Paksh in Gujarati Shravan maas 2020 starts on July […]

Naag Pancham 2020 in Gujarat

Naga Panchami

Naag Panchami Vrat or Naga Pancham Puja is the festival dedicated to Naga Devatas (Serpent Gods) during Shravan month in Gujarat. In 2020, Naag Panchami in Gujarat is on August 8. Sawan Krishna Paksha Panchami is observed as Naga Panchami in Gujarat. The rituals and customs of Nag Panchami puja in Gujarat are same as […]

Noli Nom Pooja 2020

Noli Nom Pooja falls on ninth day in Shravan Month in Gujarat and some Gujarati influenced places of Maharashtra. In 2020, Noli Nom Pooja date is July 28. It is observed on Shukla Paksha Navami of Sawan Maas as per Gujarati calendar. It is not so popular vrata as it is not mentioned in many […]

Randhan Chhath 2020 | Randhan Chhat in Gujarati Shravan Month

Randhan Chhath or Randhan Chhat is observed on the previous day of Sheetala Satam Vrat in Gujarati Shravan month. In 2020, Randhan Chhath date is August 9. It is not a vrat to observe but the preparation day for Sheetala Satam Vrat Puja. Randhan Chhath falls on Vad Sashti or the sixth day in Vad […]