Golconda Bonalu starts, 7 July 2019, at Jagadambika Temple Golkonda

Golconda Bonalu starts on 7 July 2019 at Jagadambika temple, Golkonda fort, Hyderabad. Bonalu Jathara is the most celebrated and the biggest traditional festival of twin cities – Secunderabad & Hyderabad, and other Telangana places. Bonalu begins on first Sunday in Ashada masam as per Telugu calendar from Jagadambika Temple of Golkonda and ends on […]

Bonalu 2019 at Golkonda Jagadambika Temple, Hyderabad

Bonalu, the traditional festival of Telangana region especially of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, begins with Ashada Bonalu utsavam of Golkonda Jagadambika Temple. In 2019, Golkonda Bonalu starts on July 7. Ashada Bonalu of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and all Telangana region, which begins with Golkonda temple will continue till first half of Shravana masam. Bonalu festival begins at […]

Bonalu Jatara 2015 begins at Golconda Jagadambika Temple

Bonalu Jatara, the month-long festival of Telangana, begins on 19 July 2015 from Golconda Jagadambika temple. This temple has 800 years of history. Bonalu begins in the morning with ‘Thottela ooregimpu’ (procession of cradle) from Langer House and ‘Vigrahala ooregimpu’ (procession of idols) from Chinna Bazar. Golconda Jagadambika bonalu has great significance that in this temple […]