Dandiya 2011 in Hyderabad, Garba Raas Events in Hyderabad for Navratri 2011

Various Dandiya and Garba Raas events are celebrated in Hyderabad for Navratri 2011. Dandiya and Garba Raas are two traditional dances played during Navratri in Gujarat and now it has become tradition of all Indian states. Hyderabad is not an exception for this as huge numbers of North Indians are living in the city. Namdhari […]

Hyderabad Dandia Events for Navratri 2010

The nine day-Dandia events have started for Navratri 2010 in Hyderabad on 8th October with great joy and fervor. There is a substancial growth in number of Dandia organizers this year. In spite of recession boys and girls are cruising towards the Dandia sticks to roll down themselves. Here is a list of Dandia organizers […]