Gangavisarjana Murti, Lord Shiva who descended Ganga River from his hair

Ganggavisarjanamurti is the Lord Shiva himself, known for releasing Goddess River Ganga from his matted hairs. He is also known as Gangadhara Murthi for bearing Ganga on his head. The Sanskrit word ‘Visarjana’ means to release. Lord Shiva is known for his unique nature, for being only the God who bears Ganga in two ways. […]

Gangotpatti, Ganga Avataran

Gangotpatti (Ganga Avataran) is the day to celebrate the descending of Goddess Ganga from her heavenly abode to the Earth. Gangavataran is also known as Ganga Saptami or Jahnu Saptami or Baisakh Ganga Puja. In 2022, Gangotpatti date is May 8. While descending from celestial region to the Earth, Ganga Devi entered into Jahnu Maharshi’s […]

Story of Ganga Avataran, How Ganga River descended on Earth

The story of Ganga Avataranam, origin of River Ganga (Maata Ganga Devi) is mentioned in Puranas and many other ancient Hindu Scriptures. The legend is associated with Lord Shiva, King Bhagiratha and Jahnu Maharshi. The story goes like this… When King Sagara of the suryavamsa decided to perform the ashvamedha yagna, his courtiers discovered the sacrificial […]