Significance of Kali standing on top of Shiva

Significance of Kali standing on top of Shiva. What is the significance of Goddess Kali standing on Lord Shiva. Why Kali keeps foot on Lord Shiva. Kali is symbolic of enormous transformative energy; energy of destruction. When that stood on the Shiva Tattva, it became Bhadrakali, which means, the energy which only brings benevolent results. The […]

Bagalamukhi | Goddess Bagalamukhi Mahavidya

Goddess Bagalmukhi is one of the mahavidyas who is attributed with the destruction of the enemies. She is often depicted as having a golden complexion and her dress is yellow in colour. She is seen sitting on a golden throne in the midst of an ocean of nectar which is full of yellow lotuses. She […]

Sri Gnanaprasunambika Devi (Goddess Jnana Prasunambika)

Sri Gnanaprasunambika Devi is the consort of Sri Kalahastishwara Swamy (Lord Shiva of Srikalahasti Temple). She is one of the manifestations of Goddess Parvati. Here is the complete story of the origin and the birth of Sri Gnanaprasunambika Devi… Lord Shiva initiated Goddes Parvathi with Sacred Panchakshari mantra and asked her to perform Japa with […]

Bhairavi, Goddess Bhairavi Mahavidya

Goddess Bhairavi or Tripurabhairavi is the fierce and terrifying aspect of the Dasamahavidya who represents divine anger and wrath. Yet her anger and wrath is directed towards impurities within us as well as to the negative forces that may try to interfere with our spiritual growth. Though a difficult force to bear, her activity is […]

Goddess Kamakhya & Her consort Lord Shiva

Many civilizations have been a witness to the existence of the deities over centuries. The deities have come to be worshipped in various forms, ways and structures. Plethora of gods and goddesses makes India the much sought after tourist destination where all religions coexist in harmony. With more than one million gods and goddesses, Hinduism […]

Chinnamasta: Goddess Chinnamastika Mahavidya

Goddess Chinnamasta who is also known as Chinnamastika or Prachanda Chandika is the Goddess of Striking Force whose head is severed. She is one of the ferocious aspect of the Dasamahavidyas. She is often depicted as the one who has severed her own head and in her two hands she holds a sword and her […]

Kali, Mahakali: Goddess Mahakali Maa


Goddess Kali , also known as MahaKali is one of the forms of Dasamahavidya goddesses associated with Shakti. She is also known as Bhavatarini meaning the redeemer of the Universe. She is often represented as the consort of Lord Shiva on whose body she is seen standing. She is often depicted as dark blue in […]