Gaja Puja | Elephant Worship in Hinduism

Gajapuja is a type of puja performed to elephants, especially during festivals like Vinayaka Chaturthi and during the New Year festival days like Ugadi and Vishu in the temples, where elephants are grown. Similar to the holy cow, elephants are also considered as pious animals, since they contain the features of the elephant god Vinayaka. […]

Elephant in Hinduism | Ganesha, Gajendra Moksha, Airavata

Elephants are considered as holy animals, and they would be found in temples, zoos and forests. Though they are classified as wild animals, in general, they would not harm others. Only if they get some problem in their physical or mental health, they would try to attack others. Elephants are considered as the divine incarnations […]

Temple Elephants

Some Hindu temples are maintaining elephants since ancient times. Elephants are brought up in the temples, in order to participate in the temple festivals, and to carry the idol of the deities on their backs during divine processions. Elephants in temples like Parthasarathy Swamy temple, Srirangam temple and Guruvayur temple are properly tamed and provided […]