Dasamahavidya, Dus Mahavidyas (Dasa Mahavidya)


Dasamahavidya, also spelt as Dus Mahavidya or Dasa mahavidya, are a group of ten aspects of the Divine Mother or Shakti. In Sanskrit, Mahavidya means the great knowledge or wisdom. The ten Goddesses are known as the givers of great knowledge. Devi Bhagavata Purana describes the importance and spiritual significance of Dasamahavidya. Here are the […]

Dasamahavidya Stotra, Dashamahavidya Stotram

Dasamahavidya Stotram is a prayer dedicated to all the ten Dashamavidya Goddesses. Dashamahavidya Goddesses are ten incarnations or manifestations or aspects of Shakti. In this stotram, each Goddess is revered with a verse which describes her unique qualities and energies along with her other names. Here are the stotrams for each form of Dasamahavidya…. Stotra […]