Hindus push for public holiday on Diwali in Ontario

Hindus are seeking public holiday in Ontario (Canada) on Diwali, the most popular of their festivals; starting 2022. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, said that it was not fair with Ontario Hindu community as they had to be at work/school on their most popular festival while there were public […]

Hindus urge all cities of Canada to allow Diwali fireworks like Brampton & Mississauga

Hindus are urging all cities of Canada to allow fireworks on the occasion of Diwali, the most popular of Hindu festivals, like the cities of Brampton and Mississauga, both in the province of Ontario. According to reports, Brampton residents are allowed to use short-range fireworks on their private property four times a year (Victoria Day, […]

Diwali holiday sought in schools of Canada’s Peel Region

Hindus are urging Peel District School Board (PDSB) in Ontario (Canada) to close all its 253 schools on Diwali, most popular of their festival, which falls on October 19 this year. Many public school districts in US states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have already reportedly declared day-off for students on October 19. […]

Diwali Lakshmi Puja 2011 Muhurtas in Canada cities

Diwali 2011 muhurats for Canada cities are given here. Diwali Lakshmi Puja, Chopada Puja and Davat Pujan are most observed rituals on Diwali festival not only in India but also in various cities of Canada. Pradosha Kala Lakshmi Pujan, Chopda Pujan, Davat Puja muhurats for Diwali 2011 in cities of Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, […]