Dhanvantari – Lord Dhanvanthari

Dhanvantari, Dhanwantari or Dhanvanthari, is the Lord of Ayurveda or Health as per Hindu beliefs. According to Hindu scriptures and traditions, Dhanvantari is an incarnation of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. As per the Vedas and Puranas, Dhanvantari is considered as Deva Vaidya, the Physician of demigods. Hindus believe that worship of Dhanvanthari improves the health. […]

Dhanteras, Dhan Trayodasi: Dhan Teras Festival during Diwali

Dhanteras or Dhan Trayodasi, also spelt as Dhan Teras, is the most auspicious and prosperous occasion during the four-day festival – Diwali. Dhanteras is celebrated on Aswayuja Krishna Triodasi. Hence it is also called as Dhana Trayodashi. In 2012, Dhanteras date is November 11. It is believed that purchasing any new things such as home appliances […]