Child Born on Purnima tithi – Effects, Impact (Full Moon)

What is the effects or impact if the child born on Purnima (Pournami)? What if you were born on Purnima day? How will be your future.. career, health, marriage, children, financial development, education, etc..? Importance of Purnima tithi in Hindu calendar Purnima is the fifteenth tithi in Shukla Paksha (bright half) in a Hindu month. Purnima marks the fifteenth […]

Hindus urge weekly kirtan at Amsterdam Airport

Hindus have urged once-a-week kirtan (devotional chanting) and arti session at the “Meditation centre” of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport (The Netherlands), which is among the world’s top ten airports. Schiphol has a Meditation centre for all religions. On Sundays, there is a church service at 11.00 hours. Alternately there is a Mass, and Anglican service or […]