Bhadrapad Maas 2020 in Gujarati Calendar | Bhadarvi Month

Bhadrapad maas (Bhadarvi month, Bhadrapad month) is 11th month in Gujarati calendar. In 2020, Bhadrapada Maas begins on August 19 and ends on September 17 with Mahalaya Amavasya (Sarva Pitru Amavasya). Bhadrapad maas is considered inauspicious for Griha pravesh, marriages, engagements, and all other auspicious functions. In Bhadrapad month as per Gujarat panchang Ganesh Chaturthi, […]

Bhadrapad Maas 2010 in Gujarat and Maharashtra – Bhadra Month in 2010

According to Marathi and Gujarati Panchangs, in 2010, Bhadrapad maas begins on 9th September and ends on 7th October. Bhadra month is popularly referred as Shunya maas or the unfavorable month for auspicious deeds. Hindus avoid construction of new houses, Gruhapravesh, new business startups and auspicious functions like marriages etc. in Bhadrapad maas. Major or […]