Charak Puja 2019 | Neel Pooja | Charak Puja in Bengal in Chaitra Month

Charak Puja or Neel Pooja, also known as Hajrha Puja, is observed in mainly in Bengal and Bangladesh on the last day of Bengali Chaitra month. Charak Pooja day is also popular as Chaitra Songkranti. Charak Puja 2019 date is April 14. Neel Puja is performed on April 14, 2019. This puja is dedicated to […]

Chaitra Month 2019 in Bengali Calendar

Chaitra month is the 12th and last month in Bengali calendar. In 2019, Bengali Chaitra month begins on March 16 and ends on 14 April. This is the final month in Bengali 1425 year. After this month Bengali 1426 year begins on Poila Baisakh (first day of Baisakh month). The major festivals during Bengali chaitra […]