Ashwini Nakshatra Stotram, Daily Prayer for Ashwini Nakshatra natives

Ashwini nakshatra stotram is a daily prayer for Ashwini nakshatra natives to chant. It gives immense pleasure, personality development, happiness, and wealth for the natives of the mentioned birth star. The natives of each padam or Charan of nakshatra have different stotram to recite but chanting all the mantras of the Nakshatra will be more […]

Aswathi Nakshatram (Ashwathy Nakshatra) Characteristics, Predictions

Aswathi Nakshatram or Aswathy Birth Star Constellation is the first Nakshatra among 27 Nakshatras in Malayalam Astrology. You, natives of Aswathi Nakshatra, will lead a happy family life with a devoted wife and obedient sons. You will study various shastras and will go on religious journeys. The natives of Aswathi Nakshatram belong to Medam Rashi (Aries Moon Sign). Aswathi Nakshatram native’s life […]

Ashwini Nakshatram 2012 dates

Ashwini Nakshatram is the first among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Astrology. Also known as Aswini, Ashvini, Ashwati, Ashwini Nakshatram is categorized under Mesha rashi. Here is the list of Ashwini Nakshatram 2012 dates. It is to note that in some places, dates may vary a bit. 3 January 2012, Tuesday 30 January 2012, Monday 26 February 2012, […]

Ashwini Nakshatra 2011 – Ashwini Nakshatra or Aswathi Nakshatra 2011 dates

Ashwini nakshatra or Aswathi Nakshatra is the first nakshatra among 27 nakshatrams in Hindu Astrology. Here are the dates of Ashwini Nakshatra 2011. The dates are provided for Ashwini nakshatra natives because it is considered inauspicious to perform any good deed on their birth star (Janm nakshatra). Here is the list of the dates of […]