Ashwin Month or Ashwayuja Maas – Aasoj or Ashshin Mahina

Ashwin month (Ashshin, Aasoj or Ashwayuja maas) is the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. Ashshin is the sixth month as per Bengali calendar. The month of Ashwin is the sixth month according to India’s national civil calendar. Ashwin mahina is the second month in Sharad ritu or Autumn season. Usually, Ashwin month falls in […]

Ashwin Mahina 2021 in North Indian Hindi Calendar

Ashwin mahina (Ashvina maas, Ashwin month) is the 7th month in Hindi calendars followed in North India. In 2021, Ashwin month, Ashwina Mahina starts on September 21 and ends on October 20 in North Indian Hindi calendar. Ashwin month is the third month in Chaturmas, four holy months in Hinduism, and considered auspicious because of […]