Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka – Present Location

Ashok Vatika was a garden in Lanka, the Kingdom of Ravana, the demon king of Ramayana times. Ashok Vatika was mentioned in several ancient scriptures like Vishnu Purana, Valmiki’s Ramayana and Ramacharitmanas written by Tulsidas, and many other noted scriptures. Ashok Vatika has garden houses around it, built by Vishwakarma himself. It was the garden, […]

Images: Ashok Vatika (Hakgala Botanical Garden – Seetha Eliya)

Here are the images of Ashok Vatika, Sri Lanka (garden in Lanka where Sita Mata held captive by Ravana) as per Ramayana.. Ashok Vatika’s┬ápresent location is believed to be the Hakgala Botanical Garden, the area is known as Seetha Eliya, close to the resort city of Nuwara Eliya. The Garden is situated at the base […]