Anaghashtami 2021 | Anagha Vratham

Anaghashtami Vrata (Anagha Vratham) is an auspicious vratam dedicated to Lord Dattatreya and Goddess Lakshmi who are none other than Anagha Swamy & Anagha Devi. In 2021, Anaghashtami date is December 27. It is even more auspicious if the devotee performs the vratha under ‘Ashwatha Vriksha’ (Banyan Tree). Though Ashtami in Krishna Paksha of each […]

Anaghashtami Vratam | Anagha Vratham dedicated to Lord Dattatreya

Anaghashtami Vratam, also known as Anagha Vratham, is a vrata dedicated to Anagha swami and Anagha Devi. It is observed on Bahula Ashtami (Krishna Paksha Ashtami) in any month. It is more auspicious to observe Anagha Vrata in Margashirsha month. Anagha means sinless. To destroy our sins and to divert us from the path of […]