Aksharabhyasam Lagnams (Auspicious Ascendants for Vidhyarambham)

The list of Auspicious Lagnams (Ascendants) for Aksharabhyasam Muhurtham (Shubha vidhyarambham muhurta) in Hindu calendar as per the Astrology (Jyotishya Shastra) is given here.. Auspicious Lagnams for Aksharabhyasam (Ascendants) Mesha Lagnam (Aries Ascendant) Mithuna Lagnam (Gemini Ascendant) Karkataka Lagnam (Cancer Ascendant) Kanya Lagnam (Virgo Ascendant) Tula Lagnam (Libra Ascendant) Dhanu Lagnam (Sagittarius Ascendant) Makara Lagnam (Capricorn Ascendant) Meena Lagnam (Pisces Ascendant) The above Lagnams […]

Pooyam Nakshatra Characteristics, Horoscope, Astrology Predictions

Pooyam Nakshatra is the 8th Nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Malayalam astrology. The word Pooyam means to strengthen, to fortify. Pooyam is considered to be the best Nakshatra of all. Pooyam nakshatra belongs to Karka rasi or Karkataka rashi (Cancer zodiac sign). If you are born in Pooyam Nakshatra or Pooyam nakshatram birth star constellation, your horoscope indicates the following personality, characteristics, and […]