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Swathi Nakshatram, Swati Birth Star Astrology Predictions

Swathi nakshatram or Swati nakshatra is the 15th nakshatram of the 27 birth star constellations in Hindu Astrology. Swati nakshatra is categorized under Libra zodiac or Tula rashi. Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of Swati nakshatra hence this birth star deals all forms of learning, education and arts.

If you are born in Swati nakshatra, here are some astrology predictions and horoscope details of your personality, physical features, characteristics, education, career, family life and health.

Physical features:

You, Swati nakshatra natives, may have a lean body. You may have a recognizable existance even in a crowd of hundreds of people because of your excellent dealings and expressions.


You, Swati Nakshatra natives, are very intelligent and calm. You are least hesitant to go to any extreme for your own benefits. You may have a tremendous gift from the God i.e, ideas or opinions or advice expressed by you would initially believe to be nonsense but later on the same view will only prevail upon. You are known for your magnificent intuition.

You may have a divine power – what you dream would become true. You are the least bothered person about the sentiments of others. Some times, you are mistaken by others that you are rude and ungenerous. You have to confront your enemies. You are capable to deal with your enemies.

Education and Profession:

You, Swathi nakshatra natives, can overtake all the hurdles with your dedication and hard work. You may not lead a comfortable life till the age of 32 years. Golden period for you is – 33 years to 55 years.

You may earn as a sculptor or as a professional in mechanical sector or as an employee in a factory. If you turn to politics, you will earn good reputation as a politician. Some of you may become engineer or a professional related to textile technology.

Careers Ideally Suited for You:

Many of you feel better with a career in religious or social work. Tourism, logistics, interior designing, and performing arts are the ideal career options for you. You may earn good money, if you choose medicine, chemicals, gemmology, metal and travel industries as a career.

Family Life:

You, Swati nakshatram natives, are very affectionate to your co-borns, and parents. In some instances, your father leads a separated life. Your father loves you pretty much. Lack of stability and understanding with your soul mate troubles you a lot. Some obstacles in your married life have been noticed. You have to shoulder a lot of responsibilites. You may face a lot of criticisms throughout your life.

Health Problems:

Predominantly, you may suffer from kidney and bladder related diseases. Psychiatric and brain related disorders may attack you. You are also prone to diseases connected with worms. Disgestive problems and diseases related to digestive system such as appendicitis have been noticed. Skin infections also have been noticed.

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    • Naveen Sanagala says:


      The actual predictions will be based on the personal birth chart. The above given Nakshatra predictions are generalised information. It may not be the same for all Swati Nakshatra natives and it may not be opposite for all Swati natives. These are generalised predictions..

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