Swami Vishnu Tirtha

Swami Vishnu Tirtha (1888–1969) was a saint, devotional writer, poet and a Yoga Guru. He was born in the year 1888 in Haryana. He studied law and practiced as a lawyer in the Ghaziabad District of Meerut. His birth name was Munilal Swami.

Munilal got married and had children. After the death of his wife, he traveled to Rishikesh and became a disciple of Sri Yogananda Maharaj in the year 1933. He traveled to lot of holy temples, and got the divine bliss. After some time, due to his guru’s instructions, he became a saint under Swami Purushottam Tirtha and stayed at his Ashram at Haridwar near the banks of the Holy River Ganges, and from then onwards he came to be known as Swami Vishnu Tirtha.

After spending a few years in Haridwar, he went to Dewas, Madhya Pradesh and founded the Narayan Ashram. At his Ashram, he used to give spiritual lectures on Lord Vishnu, and made the people to realize the glory of the god. He also delivered valuable teachings, and asked the devotees to study the Bhagavat Gita in order to lead a noble life.

Vishnu Tirtha got large number of disciples and wrote lot of spiritual books, and he also wrote lot of books on Yoga and Meditation, and he was considered as an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. After rendering selfless service for many years, he left his body in the year 1969. His famous disciple was Swami Shiv Om Tirtha. And he used to talk freely to his disciples, and behave with them in a kind manner.

1. Devatma Shakti
2. AdhyatmaVikas
3. AtmaPrabodh
4. Geetatatwamrit
5. PranaTattva
6. SadhanaSanket
7. Shaktipat
8. Shiva Sutra Prabodhini
9. Upanishadvani

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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