Surya Savitri | Daughter of Surya Bhagawan

Surya Savitri is the daughter of Lord Surya, and she was specially created by Lord Brahma in order to establish the HINDU DHARMA and peace and prosperity in this world. She was formed out of the powers of Lord Surya, and she was mentioned in the Vedas (10.85), as the beautiful woman rishi, who was considered as a “GEM” among all other women Rishis.

She also praises her father Lord Surya, as the Creator, and the supreme God, who gives brightness to the entire universe, through his divine sun rays. In Vedas, Ma Savitri is praised as Surya Savitri, and she receives the powers from her father Surya, and passes on to holy souls.Ma Surya Savitri is a pious, good looking and a chaste woman rishi, who dwells in the souls of the holy sages, pious people and kind hearted saints. She had shared her knowledge to her disciples, and made them into highly knowledgeable persons.

Her praise on her father Lord Surya is as follows:

1. Lord Surya is the origin of everything in the universe. Through his grace only, crops are able to grow properly, and rain is showering in rainy seasons.

2. Lord Surya is a form of Lord Narayana, and that’s why Surya is also called as Lord Surya Narayana.

3. Surya is one of the famous Vedic deities, and he receives his share of oblation from the fire sacrifices.

4. Lord Surya’s powers would never diminish and he would not be destroyed by anyone in this universe.

5. The famous Surya Mantra, Aditya Hrudayam, must be recited in order to get good health, wealth, name, fame and to attain all kinds of prosperity in this earth.

6. Lord Surya is discharging his duties sincerely, without taking rest even for a single moment for several millions of years.

7. Lord Surya is the god of the gods, and he is worshipped by the Rishis, saints and even by the demigods.

8. The significance of Lord Surya cannot be fully explained even by his charioteer Lord Aruna itself.

9. Lord Surya is praised in Vedas, Shastras, Puranas and in other Holy Scriptures of Hinduism.


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