Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan – Grass Blades and Stored Water – Scientific Reasons behind Hindu Rituals during Solar or Lunar Eclipse

There are some rituals and traditions in Hinduism that Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan will show some bad effects on Earth and its living world. It is a proven fact. But what about certain aachar (rituals) followed by Hindu people during Grahan? Is there any scientific reason behind the aachars at the time of Grahan?
Why one should avoid drinking stored water during Surya or Chandra Grahan?

During Surya or Chandra Grahan, one should not drink stored water. During a Sampoorn Surya Grahan (Total Solar Eclipse), Division of Environmental Biology of Vikram Sarabhai Research Centre with the association of S.N. Hospitals, proved that purity of the water was reduced after Grahan. They have researched it for few days and analyzed the results of water before Grahan and the same water after the Grahan.

Why Grass Blades or Durva are kept on food and water during Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan?

Grass blades (Durva or Garika or Darbha) are kept on stored water and food during the time Grahan. It is not a blind ritual. Its proven scientifically that Grass blades purify the water more than Tulsi (Ocimum) leaves can during Grahanam. Grass blades have immense purifying power. This is the main reason why grass blades are kept on stored water and food like pickles.

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