Sundaranandar Siddhar

Sundaranandar Siddhar was born in Madurai before few thousand years ago, and his guru was Sri Sattai Muni. He learned the spiritual concepts from his Guru, and he had installed a Lingam, which was worshipped by Rishi Agastiya, at Saduragiri Sri Sundara Mahalingam Temple. His Samadhi shrine is situated inside the Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai. Through his meditative powers, he used to convert the men into women and women into men.

Once through his spiritual powers, a stone elephant began to eat the sugarcane from his hands. He contains great talent in composing divine songs on Lord Shiva. He has removed the severe dreaded diseases of the people and also cleansed them from their sins, and invoked the Shiva Bhakti in their souls. Some of the verses from his collection of divine songs are as follows:-

1. Oh Lord Shiva only through your powers, the entire universe is functioning.

2. Oh Lord Shiva, you are residing in the souls of your devotees, and makes them to realize you.

3. Oh Lord Shiva, among the trees, you are the holy ArasaMaram, and among the animals, you are the roaring lion.

4. Oh Lord Shiva, among the Nayanar Saints, you are the great Sundarar, and among the devotees, you are the handsome and immortal sage Markandeya.

5. Oh Lord Shiva, among the GEMS, you are the shining EMERALD, and among the kings, you are the brave Prahalada.

6. Oh Lord Shiva, among the holy rivers, you are the pious River Ganges, and among the mountains, you are the holy Himalayas.

7. Oh Lord Shiva, among the stars, you are the bright Dhruva Star, and among the Rishis, you are the great Durvasa Maharishi.

8. Oh Lord Shiva, among the Planets, you are the shining sun, and among the birds, you are the parrot.

9. Oh Lord Shiva, among the Shivaganas, you are the great Lord Nandikeswarar, and among the flowers, you are the holy Dhatura.


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