Stampede at Deogarh Belabagan Temple, Jharkhand – 11 dead

In a stampede at Deogarh Belabagan Temple, Jharkhand, at least 11 people died and 20 others were injured. As per the officials, the death toll is likely to rise.

The stampede took place early on Monday (10 August 2015) as a large crowd gathered for the Sawan Somvar celebrations at Deogarh’s Belabagan temple. The lane leading to the temple is narrow and congested, and the local administration was unable to handle the crowd that had gathered there.

Around 4:30 AM a group of devotees broke the line and started running which led to stampede. At least 80,000 people have gathered at the temple and the queue is 15 kms long.

The authorities were expecting such a large crowd and there was a heavy police presence to control the situation.

80,000 people arrived last night. The route is 15 kms long. As per officials, they had full security arranged and were prepared but this happened suddenly. At 4 AM people started pushing each other to reach faster and the incident occurred. The situation is under control now and 1.5 lakh people are expected by evening. All arrangements are done for that now.

Officials said the situation is under control and devotees are offering prayers.

Helpline numbers: 06432- 232299/240577.

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