Southern Railways Special Trains for Diwali 2014: Chennai to Tirunelveli, Nagercoil and Coimbatore

Southern Railways Special Trains for Diwali 2014: Chennai to Tirunelveli, Nagercoil and Coimbatore…

In an attempt to clear passenger rush in trains, Southern Railways has announced 12 special trains during the Diwali season. Six of these trains will be premium special trains from Chennai to Tirunelveli, Nagercoil and Coimbatore. Passengers will be able to book their tickets on these trains from next week.

According to an official release from the Southern Railways, six superfast trains including to special day trains from Erode to Chennai Central and Coimbatore to Chennai Central have been announced to accommodate more passengers.

The announced special super-fast trains include Train No. 06012 Tirunelveli to Chennai Egmore at 6.10pm on October 21, Train No. 06352 Nagercoil to Chennai Egmore at 5.05pm on October 20 , Train No. 06351Chennai Egmore to Nagercoil at 3pm on October 24, Train No. 06745 Chennai Egmore to Tirunelveli at 10.45pm on October 27 and a special day train No. 06606 from Erode to Chennai at 1.45 pm on October 20 and another day train No.06608 from Coimbatore to Chennai central at 9.20am on October 21. Advance reservations for all these trains will be open from Sunday onwards.

In addition to these trains, the railways will also have premium superfast special trains between these stations. Train No. 00609 will run from Chennai Central to Tirunelveli on October 21 and reservations will be open from Sunday onwards, Train No. 00611 will operate between Chennai Egmore and Nagercoil stations on October 21 and tickets could be reserved from Monday onwards. Train No.00632 will be from Nagercoil to Chennai on October 23 at 5.05pm and reservations will commence from October 8 onwards. Train No.00672 will be from Tirunelveli to Chennai Egmore on October 26 while Train No. 00605 will leave Chennai central at 9.50 pm to reach Coimbatore the next day. Advance reservations for these trains will start from October 5 and October 6 respectively.

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