Solar Eclipse in USA in May 2013: Time of Surya Grahan in USA on 9 May 2013

The Solar eclipse of May 9/10, 2013 is an Annular Solar eclipse (Kankanakara Surya Grahanam). An Annular Solar Eclipse takes place when Moon blocks most of the sun’s light and makes Sun look like an annulus. Duration of this eclipse will be 6 minutes and 3 seconds (363 seconds).

Solar Eclipse on May 10, 2013 will be visible from Northern Australia, New Zealand, and the islands at southern Pacific Ocean. From the Pacific Ocean east of French Polynesia, you can watch the maximum eclipse.

The Annular Solar Eclipse of 9 May will not be visible in USA except Honolulu, Hawaii.

Timings of Solar Eclipse in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on 9 May 2013…

Partial eclipse begins at – 2.24 PM on 9 May, 2013 (Pakshika Surya Grahanam begins)

Maximum Solar Eclipse at – 3.48 PM on 9 May 2013 (Surya Grahana Madhya Kaal)

Partial Solar Eclipse ends at – 5.01 PM on 9 May 2013 (Pakshika Surya Grahanam ends)

Solar Eclipse on 9 May 2013 will not be visible throughout USA including all these cities…

Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, El Paso, TX, Hartford, CT, Honolulu, HI, Houston, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO, Los Angeles, CA, Louisville, KY, Memphis, TN, Miami, FL, Milwaukee, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Nashville, TN, New Orleans, LA, New York, NY, Oklahoma City, OK, Philadelphia, PA , Phoenix, AZ, Pittsburgh, PA, Portland, OR, Providence, RI, Richmond, VA, Rochester, NY, Sacramento, CA , St. Louis, MO, St. Petersburg, FL, Salt Lake City, UT, San Antonio, TX, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Washington, DC..

Solar Eclipse Pregnant care – what are the precautions to be taken by pregnant women during Surya Grahan

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