Solar Eclipse in June 2011 – Surya Grahan 1 June 2011

The second solar eclipse in 2011 will take place on 1 June 2011. It is a partial solar eclipse or Pakshik surya grahan which occurs at the Moon’s descending node in Taurus. The eclipse will be visible clearly from some parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. It mainly is visible in Canada, China, Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Japan, Norway, and North Korea. The universal time of the solar eclipse on 1 June 2011 is 19:25:18 UT to 23:06:56 UT. The greater eclipse occurs at 21:16:11 UT. This eclipse will not be visible in India, USA, UK, Australia, and other countries of the world.

There will be another Solar Eclipse in July 2011. On June 15, 2011, Lunar Eclipse will take place.

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  1. Pinal Mistry says:

    dear sir

    we know that it will effect on 1st June 2011 time is 19:25:18UT to 23:06:56 Up

    i want to know as per GMT time what time will be in india or in oman(Muscat) cuase i want care of that particular time os pls do let me know on my mail id i m waiting for ur reply sir….

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Solar Eclipse of June 1, 2011, will not be visible in India, Oman, and any other Asian countries. It is visible from Northern Canada only. So will not be effective over Asian people.

  2. Prachi says:


    I just wanted to know is Partial Solar eclipses dated 1st June and 1st July 2011 are visible in Dubai, UAE. If yes what are the timings. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Dear Prachi,
      The solar eclipse of June 2011 and July 2011 will not be visible in Dubai UAE. No effect of solar eclipse is considered as it is not visible over Dubai UAE. Lunar Eclipse of June 2011 (15 June 2011) will be visible in Asian countries…

  3. Deena says:

    Dear sir,
    The lunar eclipse of June 15 is it visible in Dubai, UAE and what are the timing’s . Thankyou for this website it give’s lot’s of information.

  4. JAYA says:

    plz tell me the time of the solar eclipse as per GMT on 1st june. plz let me know on my email id. thank u

  5. john says:

    Dear sir,

    I know that solar eclipse of 1 june 2011 is not visible in india. But then to i want confirm by what time and date as per indian standard time it will occur.( whether 1 or 2 june 2011 and the time) As I am confused over the dates and time given in the local calendars.

    Please reply as it is the matter of concern for the pregnant women. As it is having the universal effect, you trust or not.

    With regards

  6. muskan says:

    Dear sir,
    1st june 2011 solar eclipse, kindly advise me the timing in dubai – UAE, and please let me know the particular timing for which special care to be taken.

  7. Priyanka says:

    Please let me know the timings for the solar eclipse on june 1st,2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark?

  8. salma says:

    i want to know as per GMT time what time will be in india? pls do let me know on my mail id,i am waiting for your reply sir. THANK U

  9. pearl says:

    what time is the eclipse today and dose it have any effects on india.

  10. chak says:

    Hi ,
    We live in California , it is said it is not visible in California also should we still take care if we have pregnant women at home ? Your reply is appreciated .

  11. naina says:

    is this is visible in poland?
    im confused about tht…………plz update me

  12. pawan says:

    hi sir what is the time of solar eclipes in ghaziabad today plz give me ans in my email id thanks

  13. Swati says:

    Will there be any effect of Solar eclipse in New Jersey USA??

  14. ria says:

    dear sir.
    i wanted to no all the dates of solar eclipse which are going to take place from 01 june till sep 31.
    from ria

  15. Prachi says:

    Wanted to know the Dubai tmings of Lunar eclipse dated 15 th June 2011. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  16. mamta says:

    Hi I m pregnant living in copenhagen denmark.I want to know will there be effect of lunar eclipse and pls tell me the timings according to denmark.

  17. sheetal says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to know regarding solar eclipse on 1st July 2011 is visible in India or not.
    If it is visible in India please tell me the timings according to India. please give me to my mail id.

    Thanks & regards,

  18. Rajeev Kumar says:

    I want to know the detail of Surya grahan of this month July 2011.;

  19. farida says:

    Please let me konw the Indian Standard Time of the Partial Solar Eclipse occuring on 25th november, 2011.It is a pregnant woman request.

  20. valan says:

    please let me know if solar eclipse is visible in uk on 25 nov 2011 as i am pregnant