Significance of Sharad Poornima, Kojaagari Poornima

Sharad Poornima, also known as Kojaagari Poornima, is celebrated on Full Moon of Ashwin month (September – October). Significance or importance of Sharad Poonam is given in this article.

Sharad Purnima is also celebrated as Kaumudi utsav or Kaumudi Puja. It is believed that Moon showers amrit or elixir on earth through its rays during the whole night of Sharad Poonam. This day marks the end of monsoon season and brings the joy of festivities. Sharad Poornima 2022 date is October 9.

Spiritual Significance:

It is also believed that during night on Sharad Poonam, Lord Krishna played Maha Raas or Raasleela with Gopis in Vrindavan. Krishna brought out the real devotion from the proud love of Gopis.

The night on Kojaagari Purnima is auspicious for Jagran or vigil for spiritual upliftment. Chanting or reciting Lakshmi Mantras, Sri Krishna Slokas, Bhagvad Gita parayan, Lakshmi Purana, and performing Lakshmi Puja, Kaumudi Puja, and Sri Krishna Puja are spiritually advisable. It is also believed that Goddess Lakshmi keep visiting her devotees’ houses and showers the wealth and prosperity at those houses where devotees observe Jagran or vigil.

Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated on Sharad Poonam throughout India. Maharshi Valmiki, the Sage of Ramayana and the author of Ramayana, was born on Ashwin Purnima in a tribal family and brought up as a thief and then turned out to be great Sage.

Medical Significance of Sharad Poonam:

On Sharad Poonam moon comes closer to earth. This night’s moonlight has some curative properties. Keeping food or milk under the moonlight enhances the nutritive qualities of the food and purifies the body and soul.

We can also improve our eye sight by staring (without blinking) at moon under the moonlight for few minutes every night from Dussehra to Sharad Poornima.

Another important aspect of Sharad Purnima is the celebration of Navanna or Navanna Purnima in rural areas of North Indian states. Farmers and agricultural communities celebrate Navanna in grand manner welcoming new yield of crop to their houses.

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