Rishi Shvetaketu | Son of Uddalaka Varuni

Shvetaketu was the son of sage Uddalaka, and he contains deep spiritual knowledge.He was mentioned in the Mahabharata as a great sage. Due to the advice of his father, he went to the Gurukulam and learned various Vedas, Shastras and Upanishads. Due to his spiritual thirst, he grasped all the divine subjects quickly, and he learned more and more about spiritual matters, and become a great scholar in Vedic subjects.

Once while he was conversing with his father, he asked various spiritual doubts and his father had clarified his doubts. He has got many good disciples, and he shared his spiritual knowledge along with them. For some time, he acted as the Guru for many kings, and helped them to discharge their official duties in a proper manner. After living a holy life for many years, he went to the forest, performed deep meditation on the almighty and attained salvation.


1. We must keep our mind and body purely.

2. God would dwell only in the hearts of the kind hearted people.

3. Treat everybody with love and affection similar to the mother treating her child.

4. Knowledge and wisdom can be achieved only through proper training.

5. Please the god by worshipping him regularly.

6. Births and deaths are common for us. But there is no beginning and end for the great almighty, and he cannot be destroyed by anyone.

7. Bhakti path only would make you to reach the Mukti path.

8. Be generous and provide help to the poor and the needy as much as you can.

9. Start worshipping the god from your childhood itself, and develop strong faith on him.

10. Everything in the world happens as per the wishes of the god.


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