Shravan Maasa Shukla Paksha or Sukla Paksh in Sawan Month – Each thithi or day dedicated to a God

Shravan Shukla Paksha or Sukla Paksh in Sawan month is very auspicious fortnight. During the Shukla paksha in Sawan month, each day is dedicated to a God. On these thithis or days, the particular God is worshipped with special pujas including Pavitrarovanotsav.

Here is the list of thithis and the Gods worshipped on each day.
Padyami or Prathami – Lord Brahma
Vidiya or Dwitiya – Shriyam Pathi
Thadiya or Tritiya or Thrutiya – Goddess Parvati Devi
Chavithi or Chaturthi – Lord Ganesh
Panchami – Shashi Devi
Sashti or Shashti – Naga Devatas or Serpent Gods
Saptami – Sun or Surya Bhagavan
Ashtami – Goddess Durga Devi
Navami – Mathru Devatas
Dasami – Dharmaraj (Yudhistir)
Ekadasi – Maharshis or Rushis (Sages)
Dwadasi – Lord Sri Maha Vishnu
Trayodasi – Ananga
Chaturdashi – Lord Shiva
Purnima (Pournami) – Pithru Devatas

In 2010, Shravan Shukla Paksh begins on August 11 and ends on August 24. Sawan mahina begins on July 26 and ends on August 24 as per the North Indian calendars. As per Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati calendars, Shravana maas 2010 beginning date is August 11 and the ending date is September 8.

Sawan Somvar, Sawan Mangalvar, Sawan Guruvar, Sawan Shukravar and Sawan Shanivar are auspicious days in Shravan month.

Worshipping and performing pujas to the particular God on each day during Shukla paksha in Sawan month is highly meritorious. Performing Pavitrarovanotsav during the puja is auspicious. As all other pujas, merits and benefits include good wealth, psychological, spiritual and physical health.

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