Shiva Namavali | 108 Names of Lord Shiva

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-184

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-184

We must have to sanctify Lord Shiva by the way of praising his glories, like singing songs, reciting Mantras, chanting his names, doing meditation, performing Shiva Puja and worshipping him sincerely from our heart. If we chant “SHIVA”, “SHIVA”, then we would get eternal happiness and peace of mind. In the Ramayana, while performing puja to Lord Shiva by Lord Rama, he tells to his beloved consort Ma Sita, “Oh My Dear Pathniye, among all the Mantras, I like the Shiva Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, and by reciting it, I feel as if I have consumed the divine nectar from the heaven , and among all the gods, I like Lord Shiva very much, since he is the one, who comes forward to solve our problems, and gives great joy to us, and by worshipping him, various Doshams like Brahmahathi Dosham, Pitru Dosham and all other Doshams would be removed, and we would get great Punya and enlightenment”.

If Rama himself tells about the significance of worshipping Lord Shiva, then there is no second thought in offering pujas and prayers to him. For protecting the entire universe from destruction, Lord Shiva had consumed the severe poison, “HALA, HALA”, and he also performs the divine dance in the Kailash, not only for his own happiness, but also for maintaining peace and prosperity in the entire universe. We can find lot of Nayanmar Saints who are decorating the holy Kailash similar to the divine flowers.

Once, when Ma Shakti Devi felt pity on the worldly creatures, she asked Lord Shiva, whether there are any solutions to remove the problems of the people in the earth. Lord Shiva made a gentle smile, and replied, “Hey Parvati Deviye, you have asked a good question. I am also getting worried about the troubles and turmoil faced by the people in the earth. Though I am having the powers to remove all of their problems within a fraction of a few seconds, but I don’t want to do like that, since I am also bowing my head, before the laid down rules made by me. But I suggest a permanent solution for them. Just my reciting my name at least once in a day, most of the problems of the people in the earth would be sorted out, and at the same time, they would get courage, wisdom and prosperity in their life. But if people find it difficult to recite my name even at least once in a day, then how could they expect me from clearing off the problems in their life. For the well-being of the entire universe, even I am performing meditation, though there is no compulsion in doing that. Hence, let them call me for help by reciting my names and mantras, and definitely I would release them from their sufferings, and also from their worldly bondages”.

On hearing the above statement from the mouth of Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati had got very much excited and delighted, and she bowed her head before Lord Shiva, and offered prayers to him.

I have hereby the 108 names of Lord Shiva for the benefit of the readers. Please read it at least once in a day, in order to get the grace of Lord Shiva.


1. Om Sri AdidevayaNamaha
2. Om Sri AbhayaHastayaNamaha
3. Om Sri AbhiramaNamaha
4. Om Sri AchintyayaNamaha
5. Om Sri AdhyudhayaNamaha
6. Om Sri AgastyayaNamaha
7. Om Sri AkshatyayaNamaha
8. Om Sri AkulayaNamaha
9. Om Sri AmoghayaNamaha
10. Om Sri AnaghayaNamaha
11. Om Sri AnantaSwaroopayaNamaha
12. Om Sri ParamaSivaneNamaha
13. Om Sri ArhantayaNamaha
14. Om Sri AtharvanayaNamaha
15. Om Sri AtreyareNamaha
16. Om Sri Kala BhairavayaNamaha
17. Om Sri DevathiDevaneNamaha
18. Om Sri ParamaPurushareNamaha
19. Om Sri BhaveshvarayaNamaha
20. Om Sri ChandreshvarayaNamaha
21. Om Sri ChatreshvarayaNamaha
22. Om Sri ChekitaanyayaNamaha
23. Om Sri DevangareNamaha
24. Om Sri DevanathayaNamaha
25. Om Sri DeveshvarayaNamaha
26. Om Sri GuruDakshinamurthiyeNamaha
27. Om Sri EkakshvarayaNamaha
28. Om Sri PasupathiyeNamaha
29. Om Sri GirishvarayaNamaha
30. Om Sri GiritrayaNamaha
31. Om Sri PipalaadayaNamaha
32. Om Sri HartejasvarayaNamaha
33. Om Sri IndubhriteswarayaNamaha
34. Om Sri IndushekharayaNamaha
35. Om Sri IshaanareNamaha
36. Om Sri JagdishvarayaNamaha
37. Om Sri Nandi BhagavaneNamaha
38. Om Sri JayantesvarayaNamaha
39. Om Sri JayeshvarayaNamaha
40. Om Sri JiviteshvarayaNamaha
41. Om Sri JalakandeswarayaNamaha
42. Om Sri SharabeswarayaNamaha
43. Om Sri KailashaNathayaNamaha
44. Om Sri BikshadanareNamaha
45. Om Sri KaushikayaNamaha
46. Om Sri KedarnathayaNamaha
47. Om Sri KiraatayaNamaha
48. Om Sri LauhitayaNamaha
49. Om Sri LohitasvayaNamaha
50. Om Sri KalahasteeswarayaNamaha
51. Om Sri SomanathayaNamaha
52. Om Sri JwarahareswarayaNamaha
53. Om Sri MaheshwarayaNamaha
54. Om Sri SabapathiyeNamaha
55. Om Sri NaageshvaryayaNamaha
56. Om Sri NeelakantayaNamaha
57. Om Sri NabhyayaNamaha
58. Om Sri NakulayaNamaha
59. Om Sri ShivashankarayaNamaha
60. Om Sri NihantrayaNamaha
61. Om Sri NiranjanayaNamaha
62. Om Sri OmkareswarayaNamaha
63. Om Sri ParadhinvarayaNamaha
64. Om Sri ThatvaMasiyeNamaha
65. Om Sri SathruSamharaMurthiyeNamaha
66. Om Sri PurajitayaNamaha
67. Om Sri PushkarayaNamaha
68. Om Sri RaivatayaNamaha
69. Om Sri RakeshvarayaNamaha
70. Om Sri RudrayaNamaha
71. Om Sri EkapathaMurthiyeNamaha
72. Om Sri SadashivayaNamaha
73. Om Sri SamanyuNamaha
74. Om Sri SambhashivayaNamaha
75. Om Sri SarveshvarayaNamaha
76. Om Sri SashwataMurthiyeNamaha
77. Om Sri SavarnayaNamaha
78. Om Sri Shiva SundarareNamaha
79. Om Sri ShivangayaNamaha
80. Om Sri MarundeeswarayaNamaha
81. Om Sri Tripura ThaganaMurthiNamaha
82. Om Sri SomeswaraMurthiyeNamaha
83. Om Sri SuveerayaNamaha
84. Om Sri TakvaryayaNamaha
85. Om Sri TrayakshayaNamaha
86. Om Sri TrilochanchayaNamaha
87. Om Sri UmeshvarayaNamaha
88. Om Sri DurvasayaNamaha
89. Om Sri KachaleeswarayaNamaha
90. Om Sri VibhuteesayaNamaha
91. Om Sri VidhartayaNamaha
92. Om Sri VilohitayaNamaha
93. Om Sri VireshvaryayaNamaha
94. Om Sri VrisagayaNamaha
95. Om Sri VrishanyayaNamaha
96. Om Sri VrishankayaNamaha
97. Om Sri VyomakeshvarayaNamaha
98. Om Sri YajatvaryayaNamaha
99. Om Sri YogeshvaryayaNamaha
100. Om Sri YugadhyakshayaNamaha
101. Om Sri EkambaranathayaNamaha
102. Om Sri SangesmeswarayaNamaha
103. Om Sri SamarteswaryayaNamaha
104. Om Sri GangadeeswarayaNamaha
105. Om Sri ParvathiPathiyeNamaha
106. Om Sri AgneeswarayaNamaha
107. Om Sri AmirthakateswarayaNamaha
108. Om Sri MallikarjunareNamaha

Let us recite the above names of Lord Shiva by keeping full of devotion on Lord Shiva, and let us be blessed.


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