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Shani in 10th House, Saturn Effects in 10th House

Shani in 10th House, Saturn Effects in 10th House. What are the Positive effects, Negative effects of having Shani in 10th House?

Saturn in 10th house is generally considered extremely benefic. If the native respects other people he will progress steadily. Saturn will give benefic results along with Jupiter in House No. 2. Enemy planet will make the Saturn malefic.

When Moon is in 1st house and Jupiter is in 4th house the native will have the comfort of vehicles. If the 4th house is afflicted or is with enemy planets, the 27th year will be very bad for the native. Every 3rd and 7th year will be excellent for the native.

When Mercury is in 7th house in transit, it will bring richness to the in-laws.

Positive effects of Saturn in 10th house

When there are friendly planets in House No. 1 and Saturn is in House No. 10 will become doubly benefic. Every 7th year will be lucky and the native will be blessed with respect and wealth.

Every 3rd year the native will grow to new heights. He will be blessed with property of all kinds. Father will have a long life and the native will stave with father at the age of 39 to 48. The native himself will have a long life of 90 years.

If the native does not get addicted to alcohol he will be very lucky, intelligent and respected everywhere.

When Moon is in House No. 1 and Jupiter is in House No. 4, they will be all-round comforts.

Negative effects of Saturn in 10th house

Generally, Saturn in 10th house is not malefic but if at all it turns to be malefic it will give extremely negative results.

If Sun, Mars or Moon are with Saturn, all the planets will become blind and make the Saturn malefic in nature.

When Sun, Moon, Mars are in House No. 4 it will bring disrespect to the native and cause loss of wealth.

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