Samartheshwar Mahadev Temple, Ahmedabad

Samartheshwar Mahadev Temple is a famous temple in Gujarat, and it is situated in Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009, opposite to Axis Bank Ltd.

This famous temple was believed to have been built by the then king of Gujarat before few hundred years. It is believed, that Lord Shiva had appeared in the dream of the king, and asked him to build a temple for him. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva in the form of Samartheshwar Mahadev. Along with the main shrines, various other shrines of deities are also found inside the temple. This temple was built by the architects with full of dedication and devotion in their mind.

The idols of the temple were carved in a beautiful manner by efficient sculptors. Many Shaivite saints have visited this temple, and sung wonderful songs on Lord Shiva. The temple is very good in art and architecture, and it is famous for Navaratri and Shivaratri festivals. After the construction of this temple, it was subsequently repaired and renovated by the Gujarat rulers, and for some community people in Gujarat, Lord Samartheshwar is considered to be their Kula Deva. We can also watch the YouTube Videos of this temple.

Before 500 years, North Indian people would visit this temple eagerly byway of walk. Similar to visiting Kasi and Rameshwaram, thousands of people living in the nearby villages of Gujarat, would rush to this temple during Shivaratri and Navaratri festivals. During the times of festivals, famous fairs also would be held nearby this temple, and hence people would also bring their children. Children would joyfully watch the fairs and would buy some sweets and snacks in the road side shops situated nearby the temple.

But nowadays though there are lot of transportation facilities, some people are not having that much interest to visit famous temples of the deities. Even if they have sufficient time, they are interested to spend their time by watching TV, and chatting in the Internet. In order to get the full grace of the god, we must have to visit his famous temples. Performing Tirtha Yatra along with our family, neighbours and friends would cleanse our mind and body, and to some extent our past birth sins also would get reduced.


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