Rudraksha Legend, what is the story associated with Rudraksha Beads

Here comes an interesting fact associated with Legend of Rudraksha. This article of mine will provide you brief idea about the origin & history of Legend of Rudraksha. Shiva Purana has described the origin of Rudraksha from the tears of Lord Shiva.

It is believed, he was into meditation for many years, on opening his eyes, hot tears drop rolled from his eyes and fell onto the ground and the mother earth thus gave birth to Rudraksha plant.

Based on his 1008 names, Lord Shiva has been indicated for his many aspects. Lord Shiva has taken the responsibility for creation – evolution- dissolution. Legend of Rudraksha considers Lord Shiva as the auspicious one. It is in his hand to destroy our fears and limitations.

There is another legend of Rudraksha; Lord Shiva cannot see the miseries and sufferings of people therefore he started shedding hot drops of tears. Nature mother then transformed his tears by giving birth to the Rudraksh trees. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word and it has been named after Rudra i.e. Lord Shiva. Rudra is referred as one who relieves others from pain and sufferings.

Ancient Vedas speak on various circumstances leading to creating of Rudra. Legend of Rudraksha portrays Lord Shiva wearing rosary of Rudraksha beads on his head, hands and arms. Just like how we grow a plant by nurturing with water, similarly to please Lord Shiva, Rudrajapa is essential. Legend of Rudraksha tell us by doing so one gets relieve from sufferings and pain.

So, start your day with chanting Sri Rudram with full devotion.

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