Realisation of Supreme Being

Among the innumerable and varied portrayals of the Supreme Being in our scriptural lore, one depicts him as a farmer, describing how he tills the ground, removes weeds, takes precautions to prevent stray cattle from grazing and ultimately while harvesting, sits near the field unmindful of the climate.

The Epics and Puranas act the pesticides to sift Dharma from unrighteousness and they hymns of the spiritual guides serve as barriers to deny entry of vicious thoughts. Still laymen, spiritually infirm as they have not acquired knowledge, may feel it impossible to reach God straight.

God may indeed extend them the help but they on their turn may not be in a position to make use of it properly, even as a needy person will feel to make use of it properly, even as a herd of elephants as he will have neither the capacity nor the power to control them. But trained elephants will be found to hand over voluntarily the iron chain to their masters, knowing that they are to be bound by their masters.

God has given the bond of “Bhakti” to enable a sincere devotee to realise him. Also, Like the same animal bending its knees to help a man climb on its back, a penitent who its holds to the feet of Lord and offers his total surrender (Prapatti) is sure to attain His abode.

In his discourse Sri Mukkur Lakshminarasimhachariar Referred Ti God’s compassion towards His Own creations by His manifestations amongst them directly or through consecrated idols. He also resides in the heart of every individual, To help the devotee to experience His presence inwards, several methods are prescribed, one of them being the recitation of His glorious traits.

The scriptural texts like the Mahabharatha, particulaly the “sahasranama” showered by a great devotee, when chanted will make one enjoy the Bliss.

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