Pushya Nakshatra | Pushyami Nakshtram Astrology Predictions

Pushya Nakshatra is the 8th Nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Hindu astrology. The word Pushya means to strengthen, to fortify. Pushya is considered to be the best Nakshatra of all. Pushya nakshatra belongs to Karka rasi or Karkataka rashi (Cancer zodiac sign).

If you are born in Pushyami Nakshatra or Pushya nakshatram birth star constellation, your horoscope indicates the following personality, characteristics, and other astrology predictions.

You, Pushya nakshatra natives, will do all his works intelligently and cleverly. Your body will be healthy and beautiful. All your relatives and friends will shower love on you. You will have all the luxuries in life. You might have to suffer from cold or cough.

You, Pushyami nakshatram natives, will have a religious bent of mind and you will have more sons than daughters. Your sons will obey and cooperate with you. Your mind will be peaceful and devoted of childishness and immaturity. You will respect and worship Brahmins and Gods. You will perform all the rituals religiously and sincerely. You will be rich and will be supported by the minister of high officials. Your friends and relatives will shower love on you.

You will be healthy and happy. Your parents will find in you a devoted son/daughter. You will always be conscious of your duties towards them. Your behavior will be polite and praise-worthy. You will be a respectable person.

Your life will be full of struggles and poverty. But since in your horoscope moon is in lucky sign the effects will not be malefic. Your life will be full of happiness and prosperity. You will spend your money for both good as well as bad causes. Sometimes you might have to face financial crisis. You will get attracted to glamour and pomposity and will waste lot of your money on it.

Since you are born in Karka Rashi or Karakataka Rasi (Cancer Sign), your physique will be thin. You might have to suffer from some disease connected to your head. You will be chivalrous and courageous by nature. With the help of your intelligence, you will be able to impress and influence people. You will be an expert in many fields of work.

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