Pishacha Chaturdasi, Pisacha Chaturdashi

Pishacha Chaturdasi is a day to worship Lord Shiva. It is the fourteenth day of the second half (fortnight) of Falguna month. Pisacha Chatrudashi is observed on Falguna Bahula Chaturdashi (Phalgun Bahula Chaturdasi).

In 2016, Pisacha Chaturdasi is celebrated on April 6. As per North Indian Hindi calendars, it falls in Chaitra Month.

Rituals and Customs of Pishacha Chaturdashi

On the day of Pishacha Chatrudashi, devotees worship Lord Shiva. As all of us know, Lord Shiva is considered as Bhootnath (the Lord of bhoota – the God of ghosts and demons).

Lord Shiva removes bhootas, pishachas (ghosts) and demons (evil forces) from a human body. On this day, performing of Lord Shiva puja makes a person free from mental and psychological disorders. In some regions devotees observe fast on this occasion to get rid of evil forces and psychological diseases.

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