Patala Loka

Patala is situated under the earth, and it is also called as Naga Loka and as the underworld. Out of the seven lower worlds situated in the bottom of the earth, Patala is the last loka. The lower worlds situated above the Pathala are: Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasatala, Talatala and Mahatala.

Patala appears more beautiful than that of heaven. In this Loka, lot of beautiful Naga women can be found. They appear similar to the Apsaras in the Swarga Loka, and would wear costly jewels, with Naga stones on their heads. Snake deities like Vasuki, Aryaka, Karkotaka and Takshaga are also living in the Patala Loka.

Similar to Nagas, pious demons like Namuchi, son of Mahabali, is living there along with his family. The people living in the Naga Loka would not suffer from hunger and thirst and similar to the Deva Loka Amirtha, they also would drink a divine drink, and due to that, they would have a long and a healthy life, without having any sufferings and sorrows in their life. When compared to our earth, in the Naga Loka, there is no fear from enmity, diseases and mental worries. All of them are living there happily with peace of mind.

As per Vishnu Purana, once sage Narada visited Patala, and described about it to Lord Indra, and according to him, Patala is very beautiful than Indra Loka, and the palaces in this Loka looks bigger in size, and it is filled with full of gold and precious stones. Various beautiful girls used to dance before the snake deities like Vasuki and Takshaka, and they would frequently offer them the divine drink for them, in order to get more energy.

In the Mabharatha, when Bheema was a small child, he was thrown out into the river by his cousin Duryodana. Then he went to Patala Loka, and met his great grandfather, Aryaka, and after drinking three pots of divine drink, he got power equivalent to 1,000 elephants, and then after staying there for some time, he went to his place. Likewise when Arjuna was taking bath in a river, he was pushed down inside the river by a snake princess Ulupi, since she fell in love with Arjuna. Arjuna got married with her, and they had one son Babruvahana.

Similarly lot of wonderful stories are associated with the Palata Loka. Though it is very difficult for us to visit the Patala Loka, at least by reading the stories about it, we can get some satisfaction.


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