Pastime Places of Lord Sri Ramachandra during his Exile in Photo Gallery

pastime places of lord ramachandra

pastime places of lord ramachandra

Here is a photo gallery of pastime places of Lord Sri Ramachandra during his Exile of 14 years. The photo gallery has 44 images with description on the particular event. Lord Sri Rama’s journey has started from Ayodhya and ended with Lanka. During this journey Rama visited many places along with Lakshmana and Sita Devi. The photo gallery starts with Agni Theertham and ends with Tirupullani.

Here is the list of Pastime places of Lord Sri Ramachandra during his exile of 14 years:

Agni Teertham, Anjanadri (birth place of Lord Hanuman), Ashok Vatika (the place where Mother Sita was kept captive), Ashoka Vatika (footprints of Hanuman), Ayodhya (birthplace of Lord Sri Ramachandra), Balliya – Lord Rama and Lakshmana visited this place with Vishwamitra, Chitrakoota Dham (the place where Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita resided till the visit of Bharata), Dandakaranya, Dhanushkodi (Lord Rama marked this spot for Sethu),

pastime places of lord ramachandra

pastime places of lord ramachandra

Dunuvila (Lord Rama killed Ravana here), Floating stone used for sethu, Hampi (footprints of Lord Rama where he aimed for Vali), Godavari (Lord Rama crossed this river), Hampti (cave where Lord Rama met Shabhari), Hampi (Lord Rama held discussion with Sugriva), Hampi (Lord Rama met Hanuman here), Jamui (fight between Jatayu and Ravana took place here), Janaki Kund (sacred bathing place of Srimati Sita), Janakpuri (kingdom of King Janaka), Kalaram Temple of Nashik (Lord Rama visited this place), Kodi Tirtha (Spring that Rama created with shooting an arrow into the ground), Lakshmana Tirtham (Lord Rama and Lakshmana bathed here), Narmada Chilume (Lord Rama used this water to apply Tilaka)

Nashik (where Lakshmana cutoff Surpanaka’s nose), Panchavati near Bhadrachalam (Mother Sita was abducted from here), Ram Durg (Lord Rama killed demon Kaband), Rameswaram (Lord Rama visited this place while travelling to Lanka), Ramkunda (where Lord Rama and Sita used to take bath), Ramtek (Rama rested here prior to Lanka travel), Rishumukh mountain (Sugriva taken shelter here), River Sarayu (Lord Rama walked on this river banks), Sinhala (Ravana first brought Mother Sita to this place), Sita Kotuva (the place where Sita kept captive), Sita Marhi (birthplace of Sita Devi), Sonbhadra river (Rama and Lakshmana crossed this river), Sringaverapura (Rama and Lakshmana crossed River Ganga here), Tapovan (Rama lived here during exile), Thiruputkuzhi (Jatayu was cremated here) and Tirupullani (Lord Rama fasted here for seven days thinking about Sita Devi).

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